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Brimbank Bin Hire

skip bins from 2.5㎥ to 35㎥

Skip Bin Hire in Brimbank

With over 30 years experience in handling the disposal of domestic, commercial, industrial and building waste in Brimbank and surrounding suburbs.

We offer Short & long term bin hire. For all your rubbish clean-up, home renovation and construction needs, call us today for a quote.

Cost of Hiring a Skip Bin

Transparency in pricing is what you get from us with no hidden costs, the price of hiring a bin will depend on:

  • The bin size and contents you plan to place in the bin.
  • The duration you need the skip bin to remain on site.
  • If the bin is dropped outside your property, a council permit may be required, we can advise you of the fees ahead of time.
  • Any materials that will incur an additional fee, such as tires or mattresses.

Why should you rent a skip from Brimbank Bin Hire

We have a large range of bin sizes and trucks to best meet your requirements in Brimbank and North Western Suburbs. There are no hidden costs, the price we quote using the information you provide is what you pay. Transparency in our pricing ensure our customers return to us for the next skip they need. We take the waste we collect from your site to our transfer station in Brooklyn where it gets sorted and as much as possible is recycled.

As part of the services we deliver the skip bin to your residence, commercial or industrial premises. Once the skip bins are picked up, the covered bins are brought back on our trucks to our recycling centre. The contents of the bin are assessed and we will try to recycle as much material, such as green waste, aluminium, concrete and bricks as we can rather than emptying the contents directly into the land fill. We are very serious about doing our bit to protect the environment and constantly strive to reduce the amount of solid waste that goes in to the landfills. We can also deliver construction material and garden products like sand, mulch, clean fill or crushed rocks to your site in our bins.